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Angela Telfer I.A.T.

Member: International Association of Trichologists


Trichology is the barometer of the hair and scalp problems. For many reasons we find through out our life things can trigger off imbalances within the body. These can lead to aggravations in the body that may affect the hair and skin causing hair loss and skin problems. Thing like poor nutrition, medications, stress and systemic problems are just a few problems which can cause the hair growth to be interrupted, and may be the first sign of a health problem.We often see ourselves as generally healthy individuals, however sometimes our bodies do other things with what we eat do and live. This can be a simple change but have a reaction to our internal system.
Each hair has its own follicle and has an independent cycle, however when we have interruptions in the hair cycle we find that hair loss happens. Hair loss can vary from one individual to another, and the replacement can also vary too.
Many factors can apply to the reason ofthis hair loss, we as Trichologist endeavour to help and find out the base reasons for your hair loss, weather it is nutritional or hormones or physical reason. A low self-image can result in a stressful approach to our being, thus exaggerating the problem. A Trichologist can help you over come these problems; by the help of mineral analysis or microscopic examination we can look into more detail if nessesary. If however we find that other treatment is required then when beneficial we send you to other health professionals. Your G.P, Dermatologists, Endocrinologists or via natural alternatives. Trichology is specialised science to analyse the hair and scalp, by getting the best outcome for your hair, scalp and skin to suit your individual needs.



Phone: 0400 900 642
Address: Waikiki, WA 6169





• Oily/ Dry Scalp

• ItchinglInflamed Scalp

•. Lumps and Bumps

• Crusting/Scaling

• Chemical Damage

• Bald Patches

• Hair Loss Men & Woman

• Psoriasisl Dermatitis

• Care & Management ofHair & Scalp


Poor condition shows signs
of splitting.


Colour damage plus frequent use
of thermal appliances "split end".

Cut end of hair shows part
of Medulla.

Normal hair, good clear colour
shows good nutrition.

Trichorrhexis Nodosa

Alopecia Areata

Folliculitis Decalvans

Androgenetic Alopecia
  Pityriasis Amiantacea      

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Hello and welcome to Trichos Hair & Scalp Trichology Clinic. Trichology is the treatment of hair loss problems including treating scalp conditions too. I have for many years been involved in the total approach to hair care, after being trained in Perth in a local hair salon, then branched out on my own in my own salon.
I became aware very early in my career that many people have the need for more than just cuts, colours, perms and treatments, to treat their hair issues.
As all hairdressers are aware, Trichology is getting into the real reason why our hair goes off it's tangent. So after 30 years in the industry as a qualified principle hairdresser I decided to further my already vast knowledge to become a Trichologist, and in doing so become a member of the Association ofTrichologists which is a non profit organisation world wide.
Women as well as Men do suffer with hair loss, but we now see far more than ever before young woman with hair loss problems, even in some case's children. A hairdresser alone can not fully treat these conditions, however a Trichologist can.
During your private and confidential consultation I try to find the reason behind your problem, I use the latest microscope technology for hair to help highlight and see in more detail to treat your condition. If however I find other reasons then medical advice will be sort.

Initial Consultation & Examination - $98 (55 Minutes)

Follow up Consult - $55 (30 Minutes)

Microscopic Analysis - $45 (20 Minutes)

Mineral Analysis
of the Hair - $145

Fees are not covered by Health Funds.




These photos are the copyright of the International Assocation of Trichologists and David Salinger and are reproduced with their permission.

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